About Rosemary & Garlic

You might have heard Rosemary & Garlic while carelessly listening to your favourite Spotify playlists, like The Most Beautiful Songs in the World or Your Favourite Coffee House. The popularity of the Dutch DIY indie-folk band is secretly growing, gaining worldwide attention with their small, poetic songs, each of them filled with a great sense of beauty, nature and image.

Maybe you stopped for a moment, wondering what you were actually listening to, just like folk-pop icons Laura Marling and Ane Brun did when hearing Rosemary & Garlic. No wonder Gregory Euclide, globally known as the artist of Bon Iver’s famous second record, chose to provide the artwork for Rosemary & Garlic’s new self-titled album, set for a release in November 2017.

Something small but notable happens in most of Rosemary & Garlic’s songs. Sometimes they quietly change a chord or sound, again drawing your attention. For the new indie folk lovers, Rosemary & Garlic brings to mind the sounds of Siv Jacobsen and Patrick Watson, for an earlier generation it could be Sandy Danny or Mike’s collaboration with his sister Sally Oldfield.

Rosemary & Garlic recorded their small EP The Kingfisher in 2014, releasing it online with no promotion plan at all. It could be out of shyness or honesty, but the truth is that the kingfisher is a bird you notice by coincidence. It’s just small and beautiful, it crosses your path and disappears back into nature before you realise what you’ve seen. Its modesty is a part of its beauty, a rare concept in these days of music marketing. On the other hand, ‘once you’ve crossed paths with the bird, you keep it very close to your heart’. (Folkradio UK).

Rosemary & Garlic prove that this way of trusting the quality of sound and mystery works. They have more than 500.000 unique listeners a month on Spotify and Old Now has just reached over 4M streams. The first single of their upcoming album I’m Here already made it into Spotify’s The Most Beautiful Songs in the World; just a small token for a very promising album.