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The Kingfisher EP (2015)


All the roses in fall agree
He asked for no reasons to be with me
Fly over the mountains and sea
The love he would give was all for me

As the winter rose out from it’s seed
I held my hands close to the ones that warmed me
He dropped all the snow for me
And I noticed it’s just how he bleeds

He walked alone along the river stream
the road was bitter, long
as I was climbing down
Below I’ll never know

I’ll become a sailor
I’ll become your first friend at sea
But you won't let me
I’ll become a sailor
We’ll be dancers, over the sea
But you won’t let me
Storm's in the season and so am I
Spend many days with the lightning sky
When the dawn breaks in
Let the sun be dark on your skin
And in the morning I’ m turning in

I am a sinner
I’ll come to you

It’s a new morning outside my house
There are no shades in the summer light
In the water, silhouettes dance
And I must go to wherever you are

I am a sinner
I’ll come to you
In the morning, pale and blue
Home now
just when I found
that you have my heart
It’s gone now,
gone to the sea
and so every place
is a better a place to be

I’ve never been to India
Will you run to sea with me?

Lost now
The days seem unclear
I would give you all
I found out
its easy to stay here
but it’s harder to find
peace in this mind

I’ ve never been to India
I’ ve never been to Canada
Will you run to sea with me

To California
To Canada
To India

Did you hear me calling for you
From the top of the old trees
Heavy snow upon the branches
He tells me to let it be
Skate away on the ice

Did you hear me sing a song for you
From in between the needles too
I should learn to love you like the snow
He has learned to let me go

I’ll become a kingfisher
A coloured flight
There comes the last spring
I’ll take the time and love you more
And I’ll cover you now
Your mother, you won’t let her fade

I’m old now
I’m older

In this world we’ll overcome
the autumn days, the hidden sun
And I’ll cover you now
Your father, he’ll be in the air you breathe

I’m old now
I’m older than I ever was before

Old times they will last
Lay your head to rest